A moment of silence

Today, November 20, is Transgender Day of Remembrance. This day was set aside to honor and memorialize victims of transphobic violence in 1998.

Just last week saw the murders of two black transwomen, Duana Johnson and Lateisha Green. There has been little media coverage of these killings, and what coverage there is frequently fails to respect the victims’ identity.

Read a memorial poem dedicated to Duanna here.

Read the names of this year’s dead here.

Queen Emily says:

Few will respect our lives as they were, and few will mourn them, and they must be mourned. Their lives were meaningful, their names and genders were real and important, and they lost their lives from hate…

And yes, today we remember those of us still living–our fear, the fear that lives at the heart of every trans person, that someone will know that we are trans, and will kill us for it. Today we remember all the other times we murmured “oh fuck” as we read the news. Today we discover the deaths we missed, because we couldn’t bear hearing about them anymore for awhile, even though we must. We must.