The Repro Rundown

While you may not watch television (or own one for that matter as law students), you may be familiar with AMC’s Mad Men, a series around a small Madison Avenue advertising firm (hence the name, Mad Men) set in the early 1960s. The show functions to reenact the political discourse of the time period as played out in public and domestic spaces. Considering the recent legislative proposals to limit reproductive freedoms, Amanda Marcotte with The American Prospect connects the purchase of birth control, misogyny, and sexism in a pre-Roe era to the current political landscape  of even harsher restrictions on access to reproductive care.

For your leisure, political graphic in support of Planned Parenthood.

As the Affordable Care Act is deliberated in the Supreme Court, NAPAWF Reproductive Justice Fellow, Shivana Jorawar asks us a critical question; Who is at stake?

Mother Jones posts a chart displaying how much more women pay for health insurance throughout the country.

ABB’s Pamela Merritt ponders how perhaps it was Trayvon Martin who stood his ground and shares her thoughts on the “Stand Your Ground” law as it only applies to successfully killing someone.

ACRJ blogger Nina Jacinto remember the life of feminist poet, Adrienne Rich.